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Last year, we asked a number of experts to help with some crystal ball gazing that resulted in the Expert Predictions chapter of the first edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing ebook.

This year we asked a far broader group of marketing practitioners from around the world what they expect to see change in the next five years, and what they expect will remain the same (see BOBCM Expert Predictions Report 2014).

Jan Godsk,  Founder Ideatakeaway, and you can read his feedback below:

Brands can not “Fake” another five years.

The good thing is, content of all time, has been a major factor, regardless any new media that has emerged.

But the next 5 years we have to think harder, because is the promise of pay-off not just a poetic truth that will fail if the target audience bother to consider it? And what are the options when the word “bother” is central to a time when the target group in a broad spectrum hardly “bother” spend 30 seconds. on a commercial?

We live in a time where technology and media moves at breakneck pace. Combine this with the fact that publication of content increases when users, brands and media create content. This will result in a content overload of trivialities and places a high demand on the content idea.

It is a new reality where it is not the size of the media budget that is essential, but the size of the content idea. “90%” of the development is about creating the right content that exploits the medium and involve the audience.

In this context, we talk a lot about the importance of being good storytellers. But to tell a good story is not enough. Consumers can see right through a great story and a poetic payoff if the relevance is missing.

So one of the main trends will be to add value and relevance through high quality content that involves the consumers in the brand promise.

That’s why Brands can not “Fake” another five years, and it is about creating a value through content that is beyond brand value and the value that the product meets compared to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Nicely done by Coca-Cola’s “Small world machines”, Chipotle, Banco Populars ”The most popular song” or more simple Lowes ”Fix in six” The 6 second Vine video loops that helps us to improve our home.

Check out interview with Jan where we discuss defining branded content through awards.


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