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The 2015 Global Edition of BOBCM is being supported by the IPAISBAMarketing SocietyPRCAIAB UKAPA and Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), and to help shape what we feature and why we have been asking industry experts from around the globe the questions below for a new report, and you can see their reponses to date here.

Nikki Mendonca is President of OMD EMEA, and you can read her responses below:

In what situations do you recommend using branded content?

Content has been a buzzword for some time now, but the ever-increasing demand from clients coupled with almost daily tech advances mean that it’s becoming more important than ever. For some time at OMD we have considered it a crucial part of our fully integrated solution for clients and that will only continue.

What emerging trends and insights into branded content do you have for the coming year?

It’s easy to say that the world is changing so fast that the rules are changing almost daily. For example, the exponential growth of video and distribution options being supplemented by live streaming from Periscope and other apps will open up a range of exciting options. Equally, every marketing plan now has to at least consider a role for digital influencers with new personalities and online communities constantly emerging. We could list countless tech advances and start-ups that are both exciting and impactful.

However, whilst the landscape is constantly changing, the principles for engaging consumers remain the same: it’s just the ways of implementing them that need to evolve. The content still has to be entertaining or useful to the consumer to really engage. People will still share something that touches them emotionally or that they find important, although the ways they share it might change. Content still has to be in the right context and time to be relevant, although fast form content systems increase the possibilities.  Personalised messages continue to offer greater impact in a relevant context, and targeting them is now easier thanks to programmatic. An increasingly fragmented landscape means that distribution strategies are more important than ever and are at the heart of successful content – and the range of distribution options will continue to increase. It is easy to lose sight of these principles – for example, when brands produce fantastic videos that they put on YouTube in the hope that they ‘go viral’. Hope is not a strategy!

Furthermore, content will start to become the centrepiece of many integrated marketing programmes as brands realise they need to have a purpose beyond just short-term sales and start telling their stories – stories that audiences want to hear and that will impact on their decision making and long-term loyalty.

 You can read Nikki’s Content analysis: the principles of planning a perfect campaign article from the 2015 Global Edition of BOBCM  here, and also her input into the Exert Insights Report in for the 2015 DACH Region Edition.

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