BOBCM 2015: Chris Sice at Blended Republic

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The 2015 Global Edition of BOBCM is being supported by the IPAISBAMarketing SocietyPRCAIAB UKAPA and Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), and to help shape what we feature and why we have been asking industry experts from around the globe the questions below for a new report, and you can see their reponses to date here.

Chris Sice, Managing Director at Blended Republic, and you can read his input below:

What is branded content, and how is it is different from branded entertainment, content marketing and other related approaches like native advertising? 

And more specifically,

What is the problem that content-based marketing approaches solve for business, and is this different from advertising?

I’m a strong believer in trying to stick to simple definitions. To me, Branded content is online, mobile, TV or film content funded by a brand that isn’t a 30/60 second advert.

The difference between the definitions? Branded entertainment can stretch beyond branded content into other areas such as: events, installations, stunts. Content Marketing extends a stage further from the content creation aspects, to the amplification of that content.

What problem does it solve? Business have hit a perform storm of challenges that have made it harder to cut through with traditional advertising.

Technology has empowered consumers to skip adverts whilst audiences have grown increasingly tired of advertisers interrupting their entertainment.

Consumers are tired of being ‘talked at’ through classic advertising.

They will warm to a brand that entertains them with topical, relevant stories.

Whilst social media can empowers consumers to become evangelist for the brand, sharing your content with word of mouth at scale.

About the author

Justin Kirby is a strategist, writer, and speaker, and is a Lecturer on both the BA (Hons) and MA Advertising courses at London College of Communication. Justin has a 20+ year career in industry as a digital strategist, producer and entrepreneur. He’s been writing about the impact of interactive technologies on business and marketing since the early 90s, and his books include ‘Connected Marketing: the viral, buzz and word of mouth revolution (2005) and the Best of Branded Content Marketing’ (BOBCM) series he conceived and has been curating since 2013. Justin also chairs and speaks at conferences around the globe, judges awards, and consults brands and agencies.