BOBCM 2015: Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners

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The 2015 Global Edition of BOBCM is being supported by the IPAISBAMarketing SocietyPRCAIAB UKAPA and Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), and to help shape what we feature and why we have been asking industry experts from around the globe the questions below for a new report, and you can see their reponses to date here.

Doug Kessler is the Co-founder of Velocity Partners, and you can read his input below:

What is branded content, and how is it is different from branded entertainment, content marketing and other related approaches like native advertising? 

And more specifically,

What is the problem that content-based marketing approaches solve for business, and is this different from advertising?

In B2B, branded content is using your company’s expertise and experience to help your prospects do their jobs better.

In B2C, you might add ‘or enjoy their lives more’ — -which adds entertainment ot the possibilities.
Content marketing is branded content, activated – in a strategy that brings the content to market and gets specific people to do specific things.
Branded Content refers to the content itself while Content Marketing refers to the activities that bring that content to market.
So Content Marketing uses Branded Content as its fuel.
Native advertising is an attempt to smuggle your branded content into editorial environments where audiences might click on it.

In B2B, content helps achieve goals that advertising can’t, including:

  • Engaging with prospects early in their purchase process instead of waiting for them to appear
  • Helping prospects identify problems that you can solve –– and make better decisions about them
  • Positioning your company as an expert and helper
  • Helping you rank higher on key search terms, earning valuable traffic
  • Deepening the relationship with existing customers
And content is an asset that accumulates. Once you piss away your ad budget, it’s gone. But investing in content gives you an asset that keeps working for you over time.
Please provide an example of branded content that you think helps define what branded content is and how it is different from advertising:
  1. Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous mini-series: For me, this is branded content rather than advertising as it rewards viewing even for someone who knows nothing about Chipotle and doesn’t (yet) care to know about them.  It stands up as entertainment in its own right.
  2. Air BnB’s Neighbourhood Guides: Useful even if yiu’re staying in a hotel – but you appreciate Air BnB and learn about their ethos by using the guides.
  3. GE Six Second Science Fair on Vine: A celebration of science. This is something branded content is great at: celebrate a brand’s values and ‘walk the talk’ without pressing the sales agenda at all.