BOBCM 2015: Eric Schamberger at Tenthwave

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Eric Schwamberger

The 2015 Global Edition of BOBCM is being supported by the IPAISBAMarketing SocietyPRCAIAB UKAPA and Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), and to help shape what we feature and why we have been asking industry experts from around the globe the questions below for a new report, and you can see their reponses to date here.

Eric Schwamberger, partner at Tenthwave Digital, and you can read his input below:

What is branded content, and how is it is different from branded entertainment, content marketing and other related approaches like native advertising? 

And more specifically,

What is the problem that content-based marketing approaches solve for business, and is this different from advertising?

Marketers love classifying things and arguing their nuances.  It is what we do. In analyzing what is Branded Entertainment versus Content Marketing, Native Advertising, or Advertising in general, we need to accept that sometimes things are more than one thing. A piece of good content could easily be all of these things at one time.

The real question is why should we do any of these things?  To answer that, if you created a Venn diagram of these disciplines, you would put “people’s interest” in the middle.  Whether branded entertainment, content marketing, or native advertising, we are attempting to create attention getting content that becomes what people are interested in.  This is more powerful place than disruption marketing which inherits the implied concept of interrupting what you are interested in to get attention.

But again, that could just be me over classifying things.