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We’re helping put together a new event next year and wider communication programme that’s being supported by the IPAISBA, Marketing SocietyPRCAIAB UK, APA and Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA). This includes the latest round of our Insight Series and asking industry experts around the globe the questions for below a new report, and you can see read some of the responses to date below:

What is branded content, and how is it is different from branded entertainment, content marketing and other related approaches like native advertising? 

And more specifically,

What is the problem that content-based marketing approaches solve for business, and is this different from advertising?

Your participation would be hugely appreciated, and you can answers the questions over on Survey Monkey. We very much look forward to reading your contributions, and in the meantime you can see a sample of responses below:

Native advertising is an attempt to smuggle your branded content into editorial environments where audiences might click on it.

Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners

Put simply, branded content is any kind of content produced by, or in collaboration with, a brand to convey a brand’s voice or particular set of messages. Branded content can be delivered in a number of different ways – for instance, the term ‘branded entertainment’ is generally used when a brand sponsors a film or a big entertainment partnership.

Anna Watkins is Managing Director of Guardian Labs

Consumers are tired of being ‘talked at’ through classic advertising. They will warm to a brand that entertains them with topical, relevant stories.

Chris Sice, Managing Director at Blended Republic

As brands look for cut through in an ever crowded marketplace, content allows brands to achieve a deeper level of engagement than through advertising alone.

Robert Marsh is founder of Robert & Friends and the Chairman of the BCMA UK

Content can play a role in meeting all sorts of marketing challenges, whether that’s creating awareness, changing brand perceptions, driving a response or building customer relationships. The key is to first explore the marketing challenge a client has and then ascertain what role(s) content could play, rather than starting with content and reverse engineering a role for it.

Nick Cohen, Managing Partner & Head of Content at MediaCom

Advertising is often ore closely associated with driving brand awareness. Content marketing can target various marketing objectives from awareness to engagement and all the way to conversion.

Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at Newscred

Whether branded entertainment, content marketing, or native advertising, we are attempting to create attention getting content that becomes what people are interested in.  This is more powerful place than disruption marketing which inherits the implied concept of interrupting what you are interested in to get attention.

Eric Schwamberger, partner at Tenthwave Digital

Content creates an emotional engagement between the brand and the audience. It can reach new audiences who are not specifically in the market for the brand’s product and lead them into a purchase funnel by cleverly guiding them from general entertainment to a sales-focussed action.

Samantha GlynneVice President Branded Entertainment at FremantleMedia

Content-based approaches are trying to solve the universal problem of the brands: attention and engagement with the perspective customers. But they approach this problem from a different angle: not focusing on communicating brand’s USP in the first place but trying to find a connection with the customers through a story (content) that is relevant to them and is at the same time connected to the brand as well

Uros Gorican is Creative Director and Producer at Publicis Groupe Slovenia

Volvo’s great campaign, “Live Test Series” that didn’t win in the Branded Content & Entertainment category this year in Cannes Lions because it wasn’t a brand narrative, sold product benefits and was actually a very good example of “Long-Form Video Ads” .

Patrícia Weiss is Brand Strategy Consultant for Branded Content & Entertainment, Transmedia Storytelling and Brand Culture at ASAS