Oreo: Fanatic Snack Hack


This Oreo Fanatic Snack Hack example was chosen by Time Out’s Commercial Creative Director Adam Harris for the panel discussion I helped to put with the BCMA’s CEO Andrew Canter as part of the Branded Entertainment & Content Summit (BEC) at Cristal Festival last month.

Adam explained that there’s a spectrum of content executions that range from advertorial to editorial. For them, advertorial is more about a business and product need, whereas editorial predominantly has a consumer focus, e.g. something of interest, value, utility, etc. For Time Out, Branded Content sits in the middle of that spectrum, and they think it should form part of each function both in terms of advertorial and having a consumer need as its focus.

From this perspective Adam thinks the Oreo is a great example because they have managed to hit the sweet spot in the middle of that spectrum. This forms part of their engagement of the Millennial Market through clever use of the zeitgeist and trending topics that are of interest to this group, such as Life Hacks. He thinks this examples gets it right by having the consumer relevance of involving hipster chef Michael Voltaggio balanced with the brand need to be product focused in the way he creates a Snack Hack using Oreo cookies.

You can find out more about why Adam chose this example to help define branded content and how it is different from advertising along with other examples chosen by panel participants here. If you’d like to share an example then please tweet me via @juzzie using the #BOBCM hashtag or get in touch through the contact page.

About the author

Justin Kirby is a consultant, educator and thought leader with a 20+ year career in industry as a digital strategist, producer and entrepreneur. He chairs and speaks at conferences around the globe, judge industry awards, and advise brands and agencies.