Patagonia: Worn Wear


Patagonia’s anti-consumerism 30 minute Worn Wear film about the ‘Stories We Wear’ was the example chosen by Ben Grabiner at Adjust Your Set for the panel discussion I helped to put together with the BCMA’s CEO Andrew Canter as part of the Branded Entertainment & Content Summit (BEC) at Cristal Festival last month.

Ben chose Patagonia’s film as he thinks that despite being a tad long it’s a really good example of brand story telling. It likes the way it weaves in brand narrative around a really engaging story with some real meaning behind it. He explains how it tells the story of a number of individuals and how they value the things they have, which makes you appreciate what you have more while at the same time highlighting that Patagonia gear last for years and years. Moving onto the branded content question, Ben thinks it is actually quite simple:

I think branded content has to do two things to be branded content. The first thing is that it’s got to be interesting, engaging, and people have to want to engage with it rather than be interrupted by it. And it’s got to add value, so it’s got to be about entertainment, information and add function. The Second thing it needs to do is further the brand goals by driving conversions or brand value.

You can find out more about why Ben chose this example to help define branded content and how it is different from advertising along with other examples chosen by panel participants here. If you’d like to share an example then please tweet me via @juzzie using the #BOBCM hashtag or get in touch through the contact page.