Chipotle: The Scarecrow


patricia_weissPatrícia Weiss is the Chairman and Founder of the BCMA South America Chapter, serial award juror, and Brand Strategy Consultant for Branded Content & Entertainment and Transmed at ASAS.

She’s chosen Chipotle’s The Scarecrow short film by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) that was part of a project that won a number of Gold Lions in the Cannes Lion Branded Content and Entertainment Award category this year. Patrícia was on the jury and she thinks the short film is a excellent example of authentic and original storytelling that has the power to humanise the brand because great stories are bigger and meaningful than products or promises.

As Patrícia points out, Chipotle have put entertainment at the hear of its communication strategy, which helps the brand connect to their audience through brand stories that integrate relevant values and not products:

Relevance, coherence, authenticity, original creativity and narrative are the most powerful ways of establishing emotional connection between brands and people today in content – involving and engaging them without interrupting their lives.

However, she points out that it is essential for the brand to identify the themes, the important human issues and social tensions that concern and affect the audience:

By doing that, the brand can be the catalyst of a conversation that invites the audience to participate, entering into a larger discussion in the society, with a wider resonance – touching a human issue, something that people could immediately relate to because of its emotional connection.

That’s why she likes ‘The Scarecrow’ example so much, and everything the Chipotle brand have been doing since Chipotle won the Grand Prix at the first year of Cannes Branded Content & Entertainment in 2012 for their ‘Back to the start‘ animation (also by Creative Artists Agency). Big Fuel’s Creative Head Avi Savar was the president of inaugural year of the award, and you can read my interview with him where he discuss the reason they awarded ‘Back to the start’ the Grand Prix here.

You can check out Patrícia’s longer response here. Her feedback forms part of my latest report for the next edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing, and you can find out more about the report, the responses to date and even participate yourself here.

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