Intel and Toshiba: The Beauty Inside


I’d like to nominate the The Beauty Inside campaign by Pereira O’Dell for Intel and Toshiba as a great example of branded content. The campaign ticks a number of boxes for me, including being a well told story that integrates the product brilliantly, and allows the audience to engage in the creation of the campaign without seeming forced or unnatural:

  1. Great Storytelling: Advertising also builds a story around a product or service as part of the way it’s communicated to an audience, but what Pereira O’Dell have done here is much broader because it’s a great piece of story telling about the human condition that is brilliantly written. It’s not about stereotypes, but about archetypes using a fairy-tale structure about a spell bound protagonist who needs to find true love in order to undo the spell. This kind of universal story telling is more than you’d find in traditional advertising, and that’s what makes it branded content.
  2. Integrating the product at the core of the story: The core of the story is about the conflict between communicating who you really are inside versus how people see you on the outside. It’s a very universal conflict that we all face every day. The message is that it’s the inside that counts, and this is the same about the Intel Chip in the Toshiba laptop. Your inner self is something that people don’t usually see, and the chip inside a laptop is also something you don’t usually see either. But is hugely important because it defines the performance of a computer in the same way your inner-self defines who you really are.
  3. Elegant Audience Engagement:
    The Beauty Inside ticks the last box because of the way the audience were both emotionally engaged by the content, but also how the engagement included the audience being encouraged to participate in the telling of the story. The protagonist of the story is called Alex and his physical appearance changes everyday, so he creates a video diary on his laptop about these transformations. This provided an opportunity to invite the audience to audition to play the role of Alex by recording their own video diary version of his transformation. There were something like 4,000 submissions with 100s being chosen to be Alex for one day, and with participants talking about their most inner, intimate emotions.


It’s interesting comparing ‘The Beauty Inside’ campaign by Pereira O’Dell to their earlier ‘The Inside Experience‘. This also allows the viewer to participate, and forms part of their ‘Inside’ social film project series for Intel. For me, ‘The Beauty Inside’ was more successful because the internal conflict of people is more powerful and emotionally engaging than the thriller-type genre of ‘The Inside Experience’, and that’s why I thinks it’s such a great example of branded content.

Pereira O’Dell’s multiple award winning The Beauty Inside campaign by Pereira O’Dell for Intel and Toshiba was featured in the second edition of our Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) ebook. You can read a recent interview with Pereira O’Dell’s co-founder and creative head PJ Pereira by BOBCM curator Justin Kirby.

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