Net-a-Porter: Porter Magazine



My nomination would be for Porter magazine from the Net a Porter group.  I think it has really helped define who the Net-a-Porter woman is for the brand. The magazine speaks to an aspirational, intelligent woman of substance – one any luxury goods customer would like to align herself with, and as such has made Net feel like an upmarket club for clever, beautiful, successful women rather than shopaholics. In producing a glossy, premium, monthly magazine, Net a Porter has also repositioned itself as a brand from a shop to a voice. It is now even more of an authority, setting the agenda rather than following it. Selling it off stand for a sizeable cover price has pushed Net a Porter out beyond the digital world and invented a new competitive set for itself – the glossy advertising funded world of Vogue, Harpers, Tatler etc.

It is interesting that a far more influential format for a digital brand has been print rather than video. Traditional print publishing formats carry an authority and a design kudos it is almost impossible to replicate in other formats. Another notable example is The Collective, a magazine produced by the British designer Osman. Collating his band of art industry customers and putting them with high end photographers and models has really sharpened his offering. Don’t discount the premium offering of magazines – here at The Newsroom we are seeing brands gravitate towards magazines as excellent brand positioning tools.


Brands becoming media owners is one of the themes explored in the Future of Branded Content Marketing report from the second edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM). However, Ogilvy Group UK’s Vice Chairman Rory Sutherland also discusses the ‘evolutionary’ risks of brands competing with content creators rather than collaborating with them as part of an article BOBCM’s curator Justin Kirby put together for Contagious last year.

Tiffanie‘s nomination forms part of a new report we’re putting together for the next edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing. For some, the editorial-style content of self-published or contract publications are examples of brand publishing or content marketing rather than branded content, as evident by the way international creative awards define the category and the nominations are judged. That’s because there is, as yet, no common agreement about what Branded Content is and how it is different from the other terms being bandied about, such as branded entertainment, content marketing, etc. Some see Branded Content and Content Marketing as two sides of the Branded Content Marketing coin, whereas others see Branded Content as a sub-set of Content Marketing.

These nuances were discussed with Branded Content Consultant, Serial Award Juror and BCMA Scandinavia Chapter Head Jan Godsk in an article on the Yin and Yang of The Yin-Yang of Branded Content Marketing. This was a precursor to this latest report, and you can read the responses to date and even participate yourself here.

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