Always: #LikeAGirl



For me, the Always “Like a Girl” video is a stand-out campaign of 2014. A 3.30 minute studio-shot video that looks to question what we mean by ‘being like a girl’. It’s a social experiment where Always asks that question, and declares its mission to redefine the phrase “like a girl” as an expression of strength. You can’t help be moved by the responses from girls, women, boys and men.  You can’t help but like it, share it, endorse its message – and in the process – evangelise about Always’s brand values in the process. It resonates so much, at last count it has clocked up 53 million views.


Mediacom Beyond Advertising’s James Morris also discussed the #LikeAGirl in the recent interview with him by BOBCM curator Justin Kirby, and you can also read Chris’ longer response to our questions about what exactly is branded content and its difference to advertising here. His feedback forms part of our latest report for the next edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing, and you can find out more about the report, the responses to date and even participate yourself here.

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