Airbnb: Wall and Chain

I love the branded content work Airbnb does. I interviewed the team lead on their Wall & Chain project, Dennis Goedegebuure, about how the program came about. Key to the success is the depth of the story — it’s got historical context which makes for a richer story. But I also love that the story is true and came from an Airbnb customer herself — and wasn’t invented in a creative meeting. Airbnb figured out a way to capture customer stories at scale, and this program spawned this content and other stories.
Airbnb is killing it in branded content… including their Hollywood & Vines crowdsourced effort I’ve written about here:
And this one by Pereira O’Dell, which featured artists creating replica birdhouses:
Find a mechanism to allow you to collect customer stories at scale. For example, Airbnb recently launched a platform where people can submit their own stories at Create AirBnB.
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