Rimmel: Educating Binky

I have chosen Rimmel’s Educating Binky, which was a series of shorts created in partnership with Channel 4 and launched during the second half of 2014 on 4oD.
This is not epic content a-la Volvo Trucks, nor something I imagine collecting numerous awards, however I believe it has its merits for the following reasons:
  1. Taking risks with new format: Rimmel took a risk and was one of three launch partners for C4 Shorts Platform on 4oD. The launch of this platform was a great response to the ever increasing demand for snackable, on-the-go content. What is truly amazing though is opportunity for advertisers to have their branded shorts amongst new and exclusive original shorts on the platform. This goes one step further towards blurring the lines not only between advertising and content but also between what is perceived by the viewer as branded content vs ‘genuine’ programming. Rimmel saw and seized that opportunity.
  2. Extending association with existing media property: Out of the launch partners’ series of shorts, I particularly liked Educating Binky because of the ‘spin-off’ approach used. Educating Binky sees Made in Chelsea stars Binky and Mark-Francis exploring iconic fashion eras, with focus on the looks of each era (which is where Rimmel fits in). Rimmel cleverly associated itself with a BAFTA winning reality series, extremely popular amongst Rimmel’s target audience and created, with c4, authentic content with great appeal for the fans of the show.
Generally short-form content and the launch of this platform are exciting developments not only for the viewers but also for producers, especially innovative new indies, which are responding with great enthusiasm to this shift. For advertisers the opportunity is there to access this pool of incredibly creative talent and create content that delivers results… on a budget.

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