MailChimp: Th’Adventoorz of Freddie & Maddie

The MailChimp comic, “Th’Adventoorz of Freddie & Maddie” is a great example of doing something fun in a ‘boring’ space through branded content. B2B can get pretty dry and often times comes with a stigma that there are ‘boundaries’ on what you can and can’t do with your go-to-market strategy. The comic by MailChimp is notable because it’s taking people back to something they’re familiar with and, in this case, nostalgic for – comics.
This is a great example of treating “B2B folk” as consumers because although many of us are marketers or “boring B2B people” we’re still consumers at our core; we buy consumer products, read magazines, read comics. There’s absolutely no shame in presenting a B2B topic in a format that isn’t “B2B”, if you get what I mean. We do it ourselves everyday at Chango. More importantly, the comics keep people coming back by their very nature, meaning that – without being invasive – MailChimp has ensured that they stay top of mind. That’s the ultimate – albeit clever – goal of marketers today.
One of the key distinctions between this comic and a MailChimp advertisement in the more traditional sense is that it isn’t selling outright. It’s appealing to the humans inside of email marketers and it’s entertaining them while subtly incorporating their brand. Which we know is part of the formula for successful content marketing today.
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