Mango: What should I wear (Qué me pongo)


Fashion, friendship, love. These are the ingredients, transformed into a story, of ‘What I should wear by Mango‘, a miniseries dedicated to modern women. A campaign with which the Spanish brand Mango surprised us a few years ago.

Aware of the great competition in women’s fashion, Mango decided to get differentiated by means of a branded content strategy that combined brand and product values in a demanded-by consumers content based on entertainment.

Why? Well, entertainment encourages dialogue, conveys emotions, communicates lifestyles, arouses curiosity and allows the user to actively participate and enjoy their time. And to involve the consumer was vital to lure him into purchase.

‘What should I wear by Mango’ narrated, along 10 minutes six episodes, the lives of four friends. A kind of ‘Sex in New York’, where the leading roles are going out to dinner, going to his office, having appointments and each wears different outfits. Outfits that breathed the soul of Mango and that allowed its target to identify with the protagonists.

At the end of each episode, and once the desire was generated, the user had the option to buy all the clothes of the protagonists. Emotions are what guide our decisions. When we buy, we are not guided normally by a rational basis, but by unconscious desires. The brand knew how to make the most of this campaign, which induces purchasing without being intrusive.

To increase the reach, the series could see through the website Mango that was available in 10 languages.

The results exceeded the expectations. To give you an idea, the first season scored more than two million views. This success encouraged the brand to launch a second season. The campaign also managed that Mango got positioned as a reference fashion brand among women of 25-45 years old and made it a bold, versatile and modern brand. The same characteristics of the target they want to reach.

If we did a tour of the history of advertising, we would see that the most effective strategies are those that stimulate our inner spirits or make us smile. In any case, they have entertained us and therefore has grabbed our attention. What make this campaign a great campaign is the use of a combined quality branded content with e- commerce, the future of Retail- and all dyed by the message of the brand and its values. Definitely, it is a winning formula to mark trends, to dress trends.