O2: Be more dog


Among all the cases I have seen last year, O2’s ‘Be more dog’ has not only entertained me the most, but also perfectly staged how seamless good content can trigger interaction with consumers.

People like cats, no doubt about that, thinking about the amount of cat videos shared every day. But among all those pet videos this is one outperformed the rest, especially in terms of production and that – in my point of view – is a must for successful content strategy. So having this unique piece of content, O2 managed to take this one-step further and let consumer find out how much dog they were with a funny quiz, which was seamlessly connected to the content. No need to exit O2’s communication ecosystem.

With a convenient mechanic, sharing your own “be more dog experience” in the network was really easy and being so well entertained, no one cared how a talking cat, “wannabe a dog”, related to O2’s business.

Summing it up, the combination was perfect: entertaining content and interactivity allowed the consumers to create personalized content that matched perfectly the brand’s message.