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The Edition Digital team have kindly help us publish our first ever regional edition in the BOBCM international book series on their very cool ‘smart digital publishing system’.

This helps us replicate the enhanced media experience that we were delivering previously with the iBook editions, but the Edition Digital solution makes it available via a web browser and therefore on multiple platforms. That’s really important for us because although our Slideshare versions get 10s of thousands of views, the experience is very linear and hugely limited as far as the incorporations of multimedia content is concerned.

The beauty of the system is that it also recognises the target device from which the reader is checking out the publication, and adjusts it automatically for mobile, tablet or larger screens.

Perhaps more importantly, the adoption of their platform fits in with our plans to make the BOBCM series more of a magabook or bookazine than a book-type publication, which was in part down to the constraints of the Apple iBook Authoring tool and their distribution ecosystem that separates books (iBookstore) from magazines (Newsstand).

I’ve included more information about the platform at the end of post but you can see the DACH Region book on their platform embedded below or  see its full screen brilliance here, and there will be APP versions for iOS and Android to follow soon.

We hope you like the Edition Digital version as much as we do, and we plan to launch Vol III of the international book series on their platform at the end of November, so keep in touch via Twitter at @BOBCMHQ or our LinkedIn Group about launches in London, New York and who knows maybe even Slovenia too.

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