The Drum’s round-up of BOBCM 2015 Global Edition NYC Launch

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The Drum’s editor Stephen Lepitak moderated the panel I put together for the New York Launch of the 2015 Global Edition of ‘Best of Branded Content Marketing’ hosted  by Tenthwave and Talkwalker where execs from JWT, Mashable, Maker Studios, Piro, and MRY gathered to discuss how the advertising and entertainment worlds are colliding, and what this means for brands and consumers. Their NYC correspondent Minda Smiley covered the proceedings in her ‘Make the client uncomfortable’ – advice from marketing experts on creating the best branded content post, and highlighted the following insights from panelists:

Branded content is a means to a brand’s end not an end in itself

It should be doing something for them [brands] and that should be clear from the outset,.. that sometimes gets lost.

David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY

Create something that stands out from the sea of sameness

I think we try to make it too nice, too vanilla, too safe,.. agencies should try and make the client uncomfortable when creating branded entertainment,… otherwise it’s the same and there’s a sea of sameness in content. Audiences don’t really care if something is branded or not most of the time, they just want to be entertained.

Mike Wiese, head of content & entertainment, JWT

Authenticity is the new relevancy on the internet

Everyone is rushing into branded content but it’s expensive so if you don’t have something to say, you don’t have something to make. Authenticity is the new relevancy on the internet, so brands should really think about what they stand for and what they want to say before creating something on a whim. You have to be prepared to invest capital, talent, analytics and just philosophically invest in this form of marketing.

Stacy Martinet, Chief marketing officer, Mashable

What’s good is in the eye of the beholder

It will always come down to sales or whatever the client’s goal was. Sometimes a simpler option or a more traditional route could actually help a brand more than an expensive and time-consuming piece of branded content.  Take YouTube star PewDiePie whose videos aren’t exactly high-class premium content but are authentic,  and his fans rush to anything he says to do.

Jason Krebs, head of sales, Maker Studios

Advertising an entertainment industries still miles apart

For me, advertising and entertainment are miles apart. I think the divide will remain for a while. In advertising, people are thrilled if an ad goes viral or even gets watched. Then there’s a few thousand people in LA who create work that people pay to go and see.

Tim Piper, Producer and founding partner, Piro