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Embratur (the Brazilian Tourism Board) wanted to promote Brazil as a great destination to people all over Latin America.

The asked their agency partner beGIANT Advertainment to create a high quality campaign that would showcase locations across the country, reach a vast audience and inspire people to visit Brazil – all while optimising the campaign budget. No short order!


The team at beGIANT came up with a comprehensive branded content project never before seen in Latin America: ‘Encuentros en Brasil’ (Encounters in Brazil).

The idea behind the project involved six of the biggest names in Latin music: Natalia Lafourcade, Grammy award winner from Mexico; Jorge Drexler from Uruguay, who won an Oscar for Best Original Song; Kevin Johansen from Argentina; Alejandro y Maria Laura from Peru; Francisca Valenzuela from Chile; and Andrea Echeverri from Colombia.

The artists were invited to take a journey around Brazil, visiting two destinations each. As they travelled, each artist recorded a song about the country and shot a music video.

During this activity, a range of Brazil-centric content was developed for the project:

  1. The behind-the-scenes footage of the artists’ trips was transformed into 12 30- minute episodes to create a reality TV show – the first ever made for a Brazilian brand. It was hosted by famous Brazilian singer, composer and actor Paulinho Moska.
  2. The journey footage was also turned into 12 travel diary digital video clips.
  3. Music videos featuring Brazilian landscapes
  4. A music album



Major network HBO licensed the reality TV show exclusively for two years, and distributed the content in 53 countries and territories throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The show was broadcast in 2014 – at no cost for transmission – on seven premium channels, to a qualified audience with high purchasing power.

The ‘Encuentros en Brasil’ music album was released in July 2014 via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and other distribution channels. In addition, the travel diary videos were made available on YouTube and Vimeo, and via an app for Facebook and mobile phones.

In the lead-up to the TV show launch, while the content was still being recorded, the artists posted comments about their experiences on social media. beGIANT coordinated these posts using the hashtag #encuentrosenbrasil, in order to help engage the artists’ vast number of existing followers and fans. In only one day, for example, 6.6 million people were impacted.


‘Encuentros en Brasil’ was a milestone branded content project. The reality TV show – the first ever created for a Brazilian brand – represents a new format for the broadcast of a tourist destination internationally.


Because of the show’s relevance for the HBO network, there were no media costs for the agency or client. Instead, the network paid for the content and this helped cover the production costs.

The project has won two awards – at El Ojo Festival and Cristal Festival – and a second season of the TV show, with new artists and destinations, is being planned.

The project generated awareness all over Latin America, as well as the optimisation of the client’s budget.

Guga Lemes, CCO,beGIANT

Making branded content for TV is a great challenge. Being in the vanguard of this, together with our client Embratur, makes us very proud.

Felipe Barahona,CEO, beGIANT

This case study was originally published in the 2015 Global Edition of Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM), co-edited by Justin Kirby and Greta MacFarlane.

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