Expert Example: Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous


Velocity Partners’ Creative Director and Co-Founder Doug Kessler of Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge fame has chosen Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous webisode comedy mini-series as a great example that help define what branded content is and how it is different from advertising:

For me, this is branded content rather than advertising as it rewards viewing even for someone who knows nothing about Chipotle and doesn’t (yet) care to know about them.  It stands up as entertainment in its own right.
We hope to feature a full case study of Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous mini-series and their other award winning work soon. In the meantime, check out Doug’s longer response here, which includes more of his favourite examples. His feedback forms part of my latest report for the next edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing, and you can find out more about the report, the responses to date and even participate yourself here. If you’d also like to share an example then please tweet me via @juzzie using the #BOBCM hashtag or get in touch through the contact page.