JOBCM 2016: Slyvia Chan-Olmsted at University of Florida

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Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted is on the JOBCM Steering Committee, and is Professor at Department of Telecommunication and Director of Consumer Media Research at the University of Florida. She teaches brand management, consumer and audience analytics, media research, and media management at both graduate and undergraduate level. Her research expertise includes digital/mobile media consumption, branding, and strategic competition in emerging media/communications industries. Her current studies involve the development and marketing of mobile media content, cross-platform media strategy and audience behavior, mobile apps usage, and branding via social/mobile media, especially in the context of young adult consumers.

Why do you think a Journal of Branded Content Marketing is relevant?

It offers a place of knowledge creation and sharing internationally on an important topic that impacts many industries globally.

What are you expecting to get out of it?

Issues that are relevant to the industry being examined critically and productively.

Why is it important in this area to have more exchange and collaboration between academics and practitioners?

To examine this subject in an impactful way, scholars need to collaborate with the practitioners to identify relevant topics and, especially, stimuli that are realistics for empirical studies.

Why is a conceptualisation of BCM necessary?

Same as above.

How do you think academics can help practitioners in general, and what areas do you think they could specifically help them with?

In general, going beyond trends and specific cases, academics can bring a sense of theory-based predictability and conceptual rigor to advance the field. It also offers insight in explaining consumer related brand outcome/results.

What are the challenges you face or lessons you have learned when working with practitioners on research projects?

They are more constrained by corporate policy/NDA in data sharing.

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