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Robert Rose kindly participated in JOBCM academic and industry collaboration co-faciliated by BOBCM’s curator Justin Kirby. He is Chief Strategy Officer at the Content Marketing Institute and a senior contributing consultant for Digital Clarity Group. He is author of the books ‘Managing Content Marketing’ and ‘Experiences: The Seventh Era of Marketing’ and has guest lectured at the Universities USC, UCLA and Loyola Marymount.

Why do you think a Journal of Branded Content Marketing is relevant to practitioners?

As the importance of content becomes more pronounced in businesses, it presents both unprecedented risk as well as opportunity. There are no neutral content experiences. Every content-driven experience that a business creates will either improve their chances for changing a customer behavior or degrade it. Thus, the practitioner’s understanding of how to work strategically with content is quite simply paramount to the success of that business.

What are you expecting to get out of it?

I’m hopeful for a platform that helps to advance the understanding of how content as a strategic asset, can propel business forward in a very disruptive marketplace.

Is there any knowledge gap academics might have in understanding how branded content marketing works?

Yes, there almost certainly is – but it’s relative of course. This includes, of course, what WE actually mean by “branded content marketing”. As you’re aware there is still confusion in the marketplace – as well as among practitioners about what to call various aspects of this.

Have you worked with / collaborated with academics and if so, then on what and how?

Yes – I’ve guest lectured at classes at universities here in the US – primarily, USC, UCLA and Loyola Marymount. I contributed two chapters to Enterprise 2.0: How Technology, eCommerce, and Web 2.0 Are Transforming Business Virtually – which is (or was in 2010) a college text book. My first book Managing Content Marketing  has been used as a text at a few universities. I’ve consulted for and held workshops for the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of Colorado, the University of Michigan, and for the UPCEA  (University Professional and Continuing Education Association).

What would you like to collaborate on with academics in Branded Content Marketing in the future?

There is some interesting work being done now in the “Jobs to be done” space with Clayton Christensen, and also in the content-as-business model being proposed by John Hagel co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge.  His ideas around “return on information” are very interesting to pursue. These are the interesting things to me – the transformation of business into one where content becomes a foundational differentiator.

What outcomes/KPIs/performance of branded content marketing do we need to investigate/learn more about?

See above with Hagel – most of them have nothing to do with “brand” or top of the funnel metrics.  Certainly selling, and more, better and faster opportunities through the top of the funnel are interesting. But more interesting to me are the deeper seated metrics around making the business more agile, flexible and adaptable to broader disruptive changes.
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