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Cameron Jurd is the Founder of Oxygen360, and he provided the following responses for our 2016 Australasia Expert Insights Report:

In what situations do you recommend using branded content?

Branded content is used by market or category leaders and challenger brands alike. The trick is when and how do you use it? You should be asking yourself some basic questions before you consider going down this road:

  •  Who is your target market and how do they consume content?
  • Which medium are you using – TV, Digital, Social, Print?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • How are you measuring your ROI?
  • Is this brand awareness, educational, or are you trying to shift product/increase sales?

I would suggest other means for quick response retail activity – branded content can be a slower burn.

Our business is predominantly a video content provider for both TV and Digital, incorporating all digital platforms, so I have a bias towards video – let’s face it, nothing engages like video. Video has been the key driver of commerce since live TV ads in the ’50s and ’60s. Multiscreen consumer behaviour however is something we are still learning about. We know the second screen is close at hand for traditional TV viewers and millennials are VOD.

So sit down with your agency or content partner and consider the above. If you can answer those not so simple questions and you can define your story then you’re on your way. All you need to do now is agree on the strategy.”

What about emerging trends and insights into the immediate future of branded content?

We are seeing increasing demand for content. The penny has dropped for savvy marketers that they can achieve massive ‘bang for buck’ with branded content or branded entertainment. The right piece at the right time can have a massive impact on business. So overall the global trend is demand is growing. We know consumers don’t want to read a brand story written in corporate speak on a website; they want to engage with brands, particularly the younger demos. They have an expectation that brands deliver more than just a product or service. They want helpful product insights, and they want it for free and served up to them on the platform of their choosing.

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