Adam & Eve/DDB’s Beckham campaign for H&M

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Fashion advertising can be clichéd and vacuous at the best of times but this work is a breath of fresh air.  The original work was brilliant and bonkers in equal measure.  Brilliant in that it showcased the H&M essentials collection in a fresh way that was bang on for the audience.  And bonkers…  well a plot where Kevin Hart is going to play David Beckham in a biopic of his life!!

It is great to see the team stick with the same concept and evolve the story.  Too many brands develop a great idea and then walk away from it.  But there is such chemistry between the two that it great to see the story evolve.  Key items of the collection are still being featured but you don’t get the feeling you are being sold to – such is the direction and acting.

With so much branded content focusing on the quick and the immediate it is fantastic to see a brand focusing on developing a long term idea and format that delivers commercial returns.


Paul Wilson, Strategy Director, EMEA at Starcom


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Strategy Director, EMEA at Starcom