Coca Cola: ParkLives

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Coca-Cola started their Journey blog 4 years ago and since then it spread to 25 markets from its original starting point in Atlanta, the HQ. Coca-Cola made a commitment of becoming a much more ‘local’ brand, getting involved with local communities and spreading the understanding that actually most of the ingredients, production and bottling happen locally, hence the company greatly contributes to local economies.

Coca-Cola’s ParkLives built on that momentum by telling stories about health and sustainability through a local lens in the UK.

The project is brought to life via a series of docu-style blog posts and videos, all of which aim to encourage people to take part in free (generally fairly physical) activities happening in local parks, from walking to Zumba. Often highlighting the Togetherness aspect of it, which makes physical activity much more fun and enjoyable. The project gave life to a consistent sequence of compelling stories about individuals who accomplished personal feats, and narrated them in first person with enthusiasm and authenticity.

Feel free to get in touch if there’s an example you think we should be featuring.


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Tia Castagno, Global Head of Innovation & Content, Vizeum Global Management (and former COO & Head of Content at Mediacom Italy)