Patagonia’s Penguin Books

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There’s a number fashion brands creating compelling content like Net-a-Porter’s Porter Magazine recommended by Tiffanie Darke at News UK as part of our Expert Examples section. Vince Medeiros at hipster publishers TCOLondon, also rates Jigsaw’s Style & Truth magazine:

The jigsaw shows a brand adopting all the conventions of an indie magazine, something independent, original, authentic and creative.

I am sure there are many more examples like this, but what I found more interesting was the Patagonia books published by Penguin that Vince also recommended – not least because the reason BOBCM was launched is because we thought there would be revival in brand’s using Amazon and their algorithms as a delivery mechanism for book-like content. Vince is also studying for a PhD on branded content and he had the following to say about Patagonia’s books:

It’s all about attaching your brand to something bigger, making your brand resonate through a value system that transcends the transactional nature of advertising and product consumption.

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Vince Medeiros is Publisher at TCOLondon whose titles include Little White Lies and Huck magazines