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Lazar Dzamic is the former Head of Brand Planning at Google ZOO London, a consultant and a university lecturer. He contributed to the 2015 Global Edition of BOBCM, and we are currently co-editing a new book collaboration about how content is transforming marketing. I recently caught up with him to discuss some of the ethical considerations the book will be covering, and you can find out more in the following interview:

Our interview covers a number of topics including the overall contribution that advertising makes to society given that so much of it is wasted, i.e. is advertising good or bad for civilisation. Lazar is thinking beyond regulatory frameworks and bodies, and thinks there is a need for a cultural critique from an industry perspective by someone that has actually been immersed in practice. This includes looking at the business model of media, particularly given the distortions we are now seeing whether that’s bias or the increase in fake news.

We touch upon Behavioural Economics and you can also read an accompanying article where Lazar asks whether it should be regulated or hyped-down. He asks whether this and other persuasion approaches contribute to irrationality in a way that undermines the fabric of society.

The ethics of Native Advertising is also discussed, as is the authenticity of social purpose given so few brands seem to have this built into the heart of their business strategies. We hope to explore these themes in more depth in the book we are co-editing, and so it would be interesting to hear your feedback.

Justin Kirby, is an author, strategist and curator of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series of publications and events.

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