Europcar/Arsenal: Three Men in a Car

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For this film we wanted to build on our previous campaigns for the Europcar/Arsenal partnership, increasing audience exposure to the players and crafting something that would stand up to repeat viewings from demanding Arsenal fans.

In conjunction with this, we needed to fulfil a client brief that referenced specific services, vehicles and branding — a tricky balance to achieve.

The result was an idea we called Three Men in a Car:

This partnership posits a natural creative challenge. Europcar is, by and large, a service used by ordinary people, not superstar footballers. We needed to find a way to fuse these disparate worlds, create something unexpected in the process.

With this in mind we wrote a short story about an early kick-off and a missed coach and in the process created the perfect catalyst for unconventional conversations:


We knew we could increase the comedic nature of this scenario creating exaggerated versions of our player’s personalities… and then putting them in a motorway pressure cooker for six hours.

The film was created created and produced in-house at Publicis Media Content over two days, shooting at various locations on the M4 and a single afternoon at Arsenal’s London Colney training ground. All player performance was captured in a one-hour window. We could not talk to the players or show them the scripts until they arrived on set.

The preparation for this shoot was intensive and painstaking. Aside from the logistical challenges regarding scripting and performance, we also had to meet a set of demanding post-production criteria. We shot inside a specially adapted, windowless Citroen inside a custom-built greenscreen area, a process that required extensive planning and implementation.

We then created a seamless composite of players, car and motorway over several weeks in post-production and the campaign became the highest viewed piece of branded content ever produced by an Arsenal sponsor. It was watched more than the match highlights and had over 17,000 engagements across Arsenal’s Facebook page alone. Over 4 million views to date across all platforms and gained huge earned reach through editorial, press and TV coverage including Soccer AM and Premier League TV.

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