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Tia Castagno, Global Head of Innovation & Content, Vizeum Global Management (and former COO & Head of Content at Mediacom Italy)

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Coca Cola: ParkLives
Coca-Cola started their Journey blog 4 years ago and since then it spread to 25 markets from its original starting point in Atlant ...
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ENI: Life is Changing
ENI, the Italian energy company, set the bar very high with this docu-short that talks about five humanitarian projects in Mozambi ...
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Introducing the new generation of influencers
The voice of the customer has always been powerful in marketing, and today’s social media platforms act as one giant megaphone for ...
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ARTICLES FEATURES Strategy & Planning
As a born & bred Italian, it was with extreme pleasure that I took a break from the London media scene for some time in the mo ...

I have chosen Rimmel's Educating Binky, which was a series of shorts created in partnership with Channel 4 and launched during the ...